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Find tranquility in Methoni

A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop

The House of Herbs is a stone villa located in the beautiful village of Methoni. The picturesque village, formerly known as Pedasus, was offered by Agamemnon to Achilles to subdue his rage.

Later it became part of Sparta, gained its independence shortly after and over the years went through a Venetian era. Methoni was so important to the Venetian empire, that they decided to fortify the village, hence the castle of Methoni?

Despite their rule being overthrown by the Turkish Empire, the Venetian elements still dominate the scene.

History teaches us that the remarkable settlement was favored by many rulers, therefore it has been well-nourished throughout the ages. Even today the village is protected by the European Union, safeguarding its original treasures.

House Of Herbs, the house itself

The House

Offering a garden, the stone, split-level villa is in Methoni Village. It features a fully-equipped and tastefully decorated unit with views over the Ionian Sea and the garden. With its 3 separate bedrooms, it can host up to 6 people.

Everything you’ll need for the perfect vacation is found in the heart of Methoni.

The Location

The House of Herbs is located in the Messenian area, South-West of the peninsula of Greece. The residence is 900 meters (0,56 miles) from the Ionian Sea with a view of the local port.

There you will also find the astonishing castle of Methoni, with its octagonal tower, dating back from the early 1300s!

The Accommodation

The villa is a nearly all-year host for a family or a group of friends. In the summer months, you can expect warm temperatures with relieving breezes, while in the winter you’ll be looking for more mild stays.

Availability depends on the season and prices accordingly. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities!

Come relax, you deserve it



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