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The House of Herbs is located in Tapia, Methoni (Greece).

Methoni is situated on the South-West coast of the mainland of Greece, about a good 3-hour drive from Athens.

Because the House of Herbs is located next to the Ionian Sea & the Mediterranean Sea and rather close to the equator, the temperatures are comfortably warm throughout the year. But being so close to the sea also makes sure there is always a nice breeze to help you cool down. During the Summer it’ll get fairly warm, but never too hot!

Close by (900 meters) is the Ionian Sea itself. A perfect opportunity to take a dip in the clear waters around Methoni.

>>> Exact coordinates: 36.817968, 21.726228 (Enter these in Google Maps to find the exact location or use them for your GPS!)

Athens – Methoni = +/- 300 km. For directions: Click here (Athens airport to the House of Herbs)

Kalamata – Methoni = +/- 60 km. For directions: Click here (Kalamata airport to the House of Herbs)

The castle of Methoni

Castle of Methoni

Nowadays the walls of the fortress, even though in ruins, continue to be impressive. The castle of Methoni occupies the whole area of the cape and the southwestern coast to the small islet that has also been fortified with an octagonal tower and is protected by the sea on its three sides. Its north part, the one that looks to land, is covered by a heavily fortified acropolis. A deep moat separates the castle from the land and communication was achieved by a wooden bridge. The Venetians built on the ancient battlements and added on and repaired it during both periods that they occupied the castle.

The picturesque port of Pylos, close to Methoni


Pylos is only a 10-minute drive from Methoni, a little more up North. The picturesque little coastal town is famous for its cute port, the central town square, and the 60-style taverns. The scenery is painted by a marine atmosphere and signed by centuries-old trees. The epicenter of the community is the platia (local square) , which is perfect for an amazing local meal and happy drinks. Make sure you don’t miss out on the local desserts, you will not find better elsewhere!

Finikounda beach near Methoni's House of Herbs


Finikounda is most notable for its beautiful beaches which attract mostly Greek and other European visitors during the summer months. Many of the beaches are decorated with beautiful Mediterranean beach bars and palm trees.

There are many occasions to go out for a nice bite or for those who’re just thirsty, there are refreshing bars located at the beach. Need to relax? Reclining chairs ( = sun-beds) are everywhere. Together with the soothing umbrellas, you’ll be sure to enjoy a full day out with your partner, friends and/or family.

Scuba diving in Pylos


 There is a PADI-certified diving center, in Pylos: Pilos Dive Center

You’re a 20-min drive from the biggest golf course in EU: Costa Navarino Golf

Local treats and (inter)national shops are all close by.

Boat trips are offered on many different sites.



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